1) Q:  What is Literally Out Here Lobster Co.?

    A: It's a brand dedicated to people who have over 10k followers, 10 pairs of shoes, and have no idea how to work on a car. 


2) Q: Do you sell Lobsters?

A:  No. Not really.


3) Q: Do you sell Crabs?

A: No.


4) Q: Why is the logo a crab?

A: Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections.


5) Q: So let met get this straight, you're a lobster company that uses a crab as a mascot but has nothing to do with seafood or the ocean.

A: Ya lel


6) Q: Where did LOH Originate from?

A: South Florida (Palm Beach County) 


 7) Q: Where are the shirts and stickers made?

A: All shirts are purchased through Gildan and Hand-pressed and customized directly in Wellington, Fl.


8) Q: Do you ship products worldwide? 

A: Yes, except probably North Korea and the Moon and maybe Antarctica. 


9) Q: Can we customize our packages?

A: Yes but nothing is guaranteed; although, if you want to tell me to draw a dinosaur on the envelope or something, I'll try It I guess.